Friday, January 20, 2012

A Child's Garden of Verses illustrated by Gyo Fujikawa

I'm home today with a feverish little girl (poor Charlotte).  She's in her fuzzy robe laying on the couch while I feed her toast and warm cups of honey and lemon. 

It's pretty cold outside this morning, so it's just as well that we're snuggled up, taking it easy.  I pulled out our Gyo Fujikawa illustrated version of A Child's Garden of Verses.  I think every house should have a copy of these poems by Robert Louis Stevenson.  They're so classic and wonderful.  I think they'll make for nice soft, cozy reading to Charlotte today.  And as I've mentioned before, Ms. Fujikawa's artwork is some of my favorite.

Robert Louis Stevenson
illustrated by Gyo Fujikawa  1957

For Charlotte who is "sick and lay abed."


  1. We received this as a gift for Christmas and it is beautiful!

  2. The more I see of Gyo's work, the more I appreciate it. I read nursery rhymes and poems to my kids when they were young too.

  3. One of my very favorites as a child. I adored Gyo Fujikawa's charming illustrations.