Tuesday, September 24, 2019

The House of Four Seasons

The seasons have just changed here, though sometimes it takes a little while for the weather to catch up.  We have quite a few books about the changing seasons.  This one uniquely combines a lesson about color, and with these vintage illustrations what a way to learn about colors!

When a family moves into an old house they can't agree on what color to paint it.  At the old-fashioned hardware store they pick up red, yellow and blue paint.  Then they mix and learn and eventually pick something they all love.

Rodger Duvoisin 1956

Thursday, September 19, 2019

A Voyage in the Clouds

Matthew Olshan
Illustrated by Sophie Blackall 20016

Goodness the illustrations are wonderful!  But of course I've come to expect nothing less from Sophie Blackall.  The subject matter is fascinating- the first balloon flight across the English channel with a Frenchman and Englishman on board.  Olshan takes some creative liberties (the French bulldog and English bulldog are a nice touch) but the story is a fun look at an often overlooked part of history.  

Wednesday, September 18, 2019


Often I love to sit in our backyard with a cup of tea and just daydream or stare up at the trees.  What is wonderful is that if I sit there quietly and long enough then the animals start to come quite near.  I've watched squirrels and chipmunks, birds and insects, and lately a fat groundhog (who Charlotte named "Butter") busy about their business.  The trick of course is to be still and quiet and then the wildlife doesn't seem to even notice you.  The book Quiet, with its loose and lovely illustrations is all about experiencing that "silent bond" with nature.

Peter Parnall 1989

I don't know who Nancy is, but what a lovely gift to her is this inscription...

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Helga's Dowry

I had this book as a child, so when I spotted it at the thrift store recently, all my kid memories flooded back!  Isn't it funny how illustrations can do that to you?  I adored Tomi dePaola's books when I was a child.  And I distincly remember the pictures in this one of Helga the Troll with her tail, when she turns into a boulder, and the townspeople with the Troll cream on their faces.  I was so excited to share it with Charlotte the other night and add it to our library!

Tomie dePaola 1977

Sunday, September 8, 2019

Fog Drift Morning

Deborah Kogan Ray

On workdays I'm up as the sun is rising.  Sometimes in these late Summer days there is hazy fog and the day starts off with quiet mystery.  I rather like that.