Saturday, April 25, 2020

The Frog in the Well

Once there was a frog who lived at the bottom of a well and he thought that it was the whole world.  But when his well dries up and he has to venture out into what he thinks is the "end of the world", he begins to have a new perspective on life.

Alvin Tresselt
illustrated by Roger Duvoisin 1958

A subtle message about expanding your horizons paired with some spot on midcentury illustrations.

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Other books illustrated by Roger Duvoisin:  The House of Four Seasons

Friday, April 24, 2020

Our Old House

Susan Vizurraga
illustrated by Leslie Baker 1997

I have always wanted to live in an old house.  Not only do I love the style and craftsmanship of older homes, but I love that they have a story and history.  Susan Vizurraga represents that passage of time and history in a house with her story about a little girl whose family is fixing up an old home.  She paints a dreamy picture of remembrances and finding little clues to the past.