Wednesday, January 11, 2012


adapted by Florence Hayes
illustrated by Erika Weihs 1946

We have several copies of Heidi. Some are the original story, some are abridged picture-book versions. We just happed to pick this one up to read and Charlotte loved it. It's a shorter version with great vintage pictures. It's not quite in chapter form so we read a couple pages at bedtime and naptime. I think Charlotte loves the character of Heidi (who wouldn't!?) and keeps asking questions about her. 

I remember reading Heidi when I was little and I loved best her bed in the hayloft with the window and the murmuring of fir trees.

The other night when we finished the book we watched the old Heidi movie.  Charlotte looks so much like Shirley Temple with her curly hair and dimples!


  1. Heidi was one of my favorite books as a child. I had a Golden book, but need to look it up to see who the illustrator was. I have this version too, the illustrations by Weihs are so sweet.

  2. It's such a simple kind story. I wish more modern children's books were this sweet.

  3. I had a Corrine Malvern Little Golden Book; didn't read the original until I was an adult and it got passed down to me in a box of children's books from my grandma's house. It is now one of my favorites!