Saturday, January 28, 2012

A Book of Dragons

Perhaps not the best bedtime book choice with pictures and tales of the ferocious creatures of myth and legend. But Charlotte picked it out and so the other night we were all in bed reading about the Hydra, Tiamat, Grendel and Fafnir. I'm surprised none of us had nightmares!

Leonard and Hosie Baskin 1985

Each page describes a mythological dragon creature. Tolkien's Smaug is there, the Leviathan, coiled with his tail perpetually in his mouth, the Chinese Lung who makes his appearance at New Year's parades. And my favorite, the Manuscript Dragon.

Leviathan, a serpent-dragon so colossal that its coils encircle the earth, keeps its tail firmly trapped in its mouth, thus preventing the world from falling apart.

Banished from the castle, the Laidly Worm made its way to the Heugh of Spindleton, a nearby crag.  And there she lived, wreaking havoc in the countryside and devouring everything she came across.

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