Friday, September 29, 2023

Hot Dog

 I may favor vintage children's books but I'm always discovering new author/illustrators and adding them to my library.  I just got this fun book in the mail as a surprise from my friend, Margaux!  Since we both got puppies for the first time several years ago, we've realized that we've become "dog lovers!"  She knew I would like the clever title and how Doug Salati draws all the facial expressions and mannerisms of a little dachshund.  

Hot Dog
Doug Salati 2022

(Molly graciously posed for me.)

When it's too hot and crowded in the city, a dog has had enough!  So his owner takes him out for a day at the beach where he gets to romp and be refreshed.  Salati's spare text reads like a poem and his pictures capture the noisy city chaos giving way to a breezy beach.

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