Saturday, June 10, 2023

Once There Was a Tree

Once There Was a Tree
Natalia Romanova
pictures by Gennady Spirin 1983

I was recently having a discussion with my friend Margaux about the kinds of art in picture books that thrill us.  (Although we are drawn to different styles, we do have some overlapping tastes- as our children's libraries can attest.)  I really love intricate and detailed drawings.  I'm not a huge fan of abstract or impressionist art.  I like when there are a million details and things to look at.  Gennady Spirin's pictures fit that bill.  His dark and moody paintings are rich with texture and detail.  They compliment this story about what is left of a tree that died in the forest and the different creatures that come to use it and claim it as their own.

A tree belongs to all, because it grows from the earth that is home for all.  

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