Monday, August 15, 2022

The Chunkies at the Seaside

The Chunkies at the Seaside
published by The McLoughlin Brothers

The Chunky Family (Madeleine thought they looked like the precursor to The Tub People) are ready for a holiday.  They decide to travel to Shrimpville-By-the-Sea and a series of misadventures befall them.  This is fun to read because of the outdated language:

They arranged themselves on the two most comfortable chairs they could find in the hotel lobby, and tried to see who could eat how many buns fastest.  This is a perfectly corking game, provided one has buns enough and a large mouth.  The Chunkies had very small mouths, but this did not discourage them.

Our copy of this book has a inscription of February 25, 1936.  I had never heard of the Chunky Family before but I believe it was a series of books.

This part cracked me up... after all the excitement from the day before, Mr. and Mrs. Chunky tell their boys that they are all staying in and having a quiet day at home.
A deep, dark, depressing gloom then settled down over the three boys, until their mother went out and got them some picture books and some gum drops.  They they just managed to live through the day.
And later...
However, he and Mrs. Chunky were very tired.  There's nothing like a quiet day with three boys in seaside lodgings for making one feel a perfect rag.

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