Monday, June 27, 2022

The Wizard of Oz illustrated by Charles Santore

 There are probably hundreds of versions of the classic The Wizard of Oz (and we have several).  The introduction of this book explains how the artist Charles Santore was from Philadelphia, studying at what is now The University of the Arts. You can see the influence of Pyle and Wyeth in his illustrations and they have a feel of that Golden Age about them.  "Charles Santore has interpreted the story as grand opera.   And no other artist has so beautifully blended Baum's naturalism with the fantasy..." (Michael Patrick Hearn).

The Wizard of Oz 
L. Frank Baum
illustrated by Charles Santore 1991

In the original story Dorothy's shoes are silver.

This picture has such a Wyeth "Christina's World" feel to it!

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