Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Brothers of the Knight

Recently Chris and I have taken up swing dancing.  We took classes through Swing Kat and we try to get to their dances on the weekends which are held at an old ballroom on High Street.  There's great music, girls in swirly dresses and lots of fast, fun Lindy Hop and jitterbug (a little of which Chris and I can do!).  It's easy to see how you could dance the night away like this!

And that's just what the Knight brothers do in this modern retelling of the "12 Dancing Princesses" story.  In this version, Reverend Knight lives in Harlem with his 12 sons and their constantly worn out shoes.  Every housekeeper he hires just can't keep track of them until a mysterious woman named "Sunday" shows up on their front steps.  She puts the brothers to work cleaning, makes delicious food  and outwits them at their own dancing.  But best of all, she brings the Reverend and his boys together as a family.  You can almost feel the rhythm and music in the boisterous pictures and I loved the happy ending!

Debbie Allen
pictures by Kadir Nelson 1999

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