Monday, March 26, 2012

Spring Story

The problem with having so many books is that they sometimes get misplaced.  We have tall bookshelves filled to the brim and still piles of books in every room.  Lately I've been thinking it's time for another purging.  I often keep copies of books to give away to friends (let me know if anyone wants to be on the receiving end!)  This sweet little book was part of a series about Brambly Hedge, a village of mice.  I'm pretty sure that at one time we had all four season books- Summer Story, Autumn StoryWinter Story, but lately this is the only one I could find.  It's possible the other ones are simply lost in the clutter of our house.

Jill Barklem 1987

These finely detailed illustrations are pure pleasure to look at and remind me a little of Beatrix Potter. It takes me forever to read it aloud because I want to linger on each page!  Charlotte was a big fan of this story when we read it the other night.  It's about a little mouse's birthday and the surprise picnic that the village plans for him.


  1. Charming illustrations, I feel like I've seen this artist's work before.

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