Friday, April 1, 2016

Miss Maple's Seeds

After reading A Seed is Sleepy, why not continue the theme and try Miss Maple's Seeds, with a more fanciful charming approach.  At the end of every summer Miss Maple collects seeds and takes care of them as if they were her children.  

She learns each seed by heart, all similar yet none the same.  "Take care, my little ones,"  Miss Maple says, "for the world is big and you are small."

She takes them on field trips to learn about being a seed, she reads them flower tales by firefly light, and keeps them cozy and dry during the winter, then sends them (in Eliza Wheeler's beautiful illustrations) out into the world to grow with a final refrain, "Take care, my little ones, for the wold is big and you are small.  But never forget...even the greatest of trees once had to grow up from the smallest of seeds."

Eliza Wheeler 2013

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