Thursday, March 31, 2016

A Seed is Sleepy

I love finding books that do a really wonderful job of teaching about science and nature but in an engaging artistic way.  Diana Hutts Aston's A Seed is Sleepy is a winner!  This picture book describes the importance of seeds, the plants they come from and how they grow and travel.  We learned about how the shape of seeds and the way they are hidden (or not) inside a plant helps them to find a new place in the ground and perpetuate the species.  Charlotte and I talked about the burs that we've had stick to our clothes and the seeds we've found on the beach that have floated on the ocean.  I will definitely be looking for Aston's other nature books!

Dianna Hutts Aston
illustrated by Sylvia Long 2007

I particularly like how the front page shows different seeds...
and the back page shows the corresponding plants.

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  1. We checked out An Egg is Quiet a couple weeks ago. Their book, A Butterfly is Patient is also excellent.