Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The Magical Land of Noom

Charlotte was inspired by our latest chapter book to build this "spaceship" out of an old box, buttons and spools.

Johnny Gruelle

Gruelle, who is best known for the Raggedy Ann books, writes a magical, strange, story along the lines of Baum's Oz books.  Johnny and Janey use an old box to build a "flying machine", but imagine their surprise when it really does fly and takes them off to the other side of the moon where the Land of Noom is.  Their grandparents soon follow after them and before long they are running from the evil Jingles the Magician and rescuing the beautiful Princess Nidia of Nite.  It's an odd, sort of old fashioned story but it works and I love the silly characters.


  1. KATIE. Girlfriend. We have got to have a serious talk! Do you know about my tremendous Johnny Gruelle obsession? Prolly not. Well I have one! I read nearly EVERY Raggedy book and I own a ton from my childhood. Last yr I discovered his 'My Very Own Fairy Stories', I did a post on it, have you ever seen that book? I never even knew this Noom book existed! You have made my day, my week, my month!

  2. I just looked up "My Very Own Fairy Stories"- thanks for giving me yet another book to add to my obscenely long Amazon wish list! I love discovering new books especially by authors/illustrators that I thought I knew everything about. I only knew Gruelle for the Raggedy stories so this book was a surprise to me as well. Glad I could introduce it to you!

  3. We gave each other a little book gift ~ hurray! The best kind of gift is an awesome book suggestion, in my book. HA HA HA. (sorry) :)