Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Raggedy Ann and Andy

These have been our bedtime books as of late. I snatched up a vintage collection of them years ago. The colors of the covers and pictures are so bright and cheerful. The stories inside are rather silly and very dated sometimes. But they're still fun to read and Charlotte really likes the characters of Raggedy Ann and Andy. We even have our own rag doll, given to us very generously by Becky from the The Random Tea Room. Margaux and I had a joint show there a couple years ago and Becky brought out Raggedy Ann for Charlotte to play with while we were hanging our pieces. Sometimes Raggedy likes to come to bed with us and listen to the stories too.

Johnny Gruelle 1961

Personally I like the first book of Raggedy Ann stories the best.  It's the one where we're introduced to Raggedy Ann, who was grandmother's rag doll and had been stored away in the attic for years.  Raggedy is now loved by Marcella and introduced to her room full of other dolls.  She's full of life and fun, curiosity, and a bit of good-hearted mischief.  Just what you'd expect from a floppy cotton-stuffed rag doll with yarn hair and shoe-button eyes.

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