Monday, November 19, 2012

Sunday Morning

For Margaux,
               This book has Soren and Silas written all over it!

Judith Viorst
illustrated by Hilary Knight

Charlotte and I were reading this in bed the other night and giggling. Hilary Knight's illustrations, even in black silhouette, are hilarious and completely capture the hijinks of these brothers.  And something tells me that Viorst wrote this one from experience!

I wish I could post every picture, they're all so funny.

Some parents come home late one night and tell their boys absolutely not to wake them until 9:45am.  The older brother "helps" his younger brother to wake up and then get dressed. They fight and make a mess (I love how they use their mother's dress to clean up their spilled cereal milk.) and rearrange the living room furniture.  I think every parent knows that feeling of growling "Some boys are going to be spanked!" from the bedroom.

This picture just cracked me up and is so true to life!

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  1. haha! this looks so great. I am ready to throw my boxes of books out into the street though. come one, come all... :(