Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Carrie Hepple's Garden

Ruth Craft
Pictures by Irene Haas 1979

I'm sad that our copy of this has a few scribble marks on the pages, but sometimes that comes with the territory of buying old used books. It was worth it to track this one down after we first read it at the library. Irene Haas (of The Maggie B. fame) has made dreamy magical pictures once again.

It's a summer evening and some kids have lost their ball over the wall into Carrie Hepple's garden. When they go to retrieve it, they brave all the rumours and talk about strange and scary Carrie Hepple. When they bump into her, she shows them around her garden and sends them home with a treat (we learned that 'hermits' are a type of cookie). I kinda picture myself as Carrie Hepple when I'm an old woman.  I've also decided to try making 'hermits'.

Also by Irene Haas: 

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