Monday, March 19, 2012

The Search for Spring

The title seemed appropriate for this time of year.

Moira Miller
pictures by Ian Deuchar 1988

A mystical story that follows a boy who wants to know everything. When Summer comes he asks his parents where Spring has gone. But when they cannot tell him, he embarks on his own adventure to find out. He meets a wise man, and fights with a young nobleman and grows into a man along the way.

Madeleine particularly liked the front page illustration of the flowers growing out of the Celtic knot.

There once was a Boy who wanted to know.
How and why was his constant cry, and as his questions grew harder, his parents answered him as best they could. 
There came a time when the day of the year stretched toward Summer.  Blossoms and butterflies danced.  The golden fingers of the sun reached into the darkest corners of the wood, and flowers opened to its touch.

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