Monday, June 28, 2010

Water Dance

We had a terrific downpour today as we left for Madeleine’s piano lesson. It was the kind of tumble down, pell mell rain that blurs the windows and muffles voices. We have been known to run to the tree-house during such storms, taking books and blankets and a lantern with us.

Thomas Locker 1997

Some people say that I am one thing.
Others say that I am many.
Ever since the world began
I have been moving in an endless circle.
Sometimes I fall from the sky.

Water Dance follows the cycle of water from rain, to river to sea to clouds. Soft paintings carry the reader along with simple, lyrical text. Scientific information at the end gives a more educational view of the water cycle.

At the foot of the mountains,
I leap from a stone cliff.
I am the waterfall.

Drawn upward
by warm sunlight,
in white-silver veils,
I rise into the air.
I disappear.
I am the mist.

I blind the sky with lightning.
The earth trembles with my thunder.
I rage.
I drench the mountainside.
I am the storm.

I am one thing.
I am many things.
I am water.
This is my dance through our world.

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