Sunday, June 20, 2010

No Fighting, No Biting!

It’s been a busy last few days.  School is over and I love having Madeleine and Henry home for the summer.  We’ll take some day trips, explore the creek, hang out in the air conditioned house, and we’re going to try riding our bikes to the library this year (I’ve done it by myself, but never with all the kids).  I’ve also decided we’re going to keep “nature journals”.  I often have grand plans for our activities and we mostly follow through, but sometimes it’s not how I envision it.  We certainly have those days when Madeleine and Henry are at each other’s throats and usually by the end of the summer it’s every day!

This book is definitely my kids.  Maurice Sendak gives it some great Victorian illustrations.


 Else Holmelund Minarik 1958
illustrated by Maurice Sendak

Rosa and Willy keep arguing with each other, annoying their cousin Joan who is trying to read.  She tells them some stories about two little alligators who almost get eaten by a big alligator because of all their fighting and biting.  The last picture is definitely a scene from my house!


"And let's all be still," said Joan.
"Willy," said Rosa, "you are squeezing me."
"You are squeezing me, too," said Willy.

Also, congrats to Chrissy who won Miss Rumphius.  Thanks for the comments, everyone.  There's more free books a comin'.

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