Thursday, June 10, 2010

Miss Rumphius

Barbara Cooney 1985

Barbara Cooney has illustrated many many books. I have only just begun my quest to collect every one of them!  Miss Rumphius was the first one we got. I used to read it when I was babysitting as a teenager. It’s the story of Alice who travels the world, settles down in a little house by the sea, and must finally do something to make the world more beautiful. She ends up becoming known as the lupine lady for sowing lupines along the roads and hills of her village.

In the evening Alice sat on her grandfather's knee and listened to his stories of faraway places.


  1. I want to start a collection of all your books!

  2. I'm pretty sure you bought me my copy of Ms. Rumphius. It is a wonderful book with fabulous illustrations, I agree. So I don't need to be entered into the drawing, and besides I won the last book - which is very neat by the way! I love the poems! And I normally don't appreciate poetry!

  3. You have always been an end-teller. I am thankful to have read this and most of her other books... Grrrrr. Do you think everyone will cry at the same spot we did (and Jared) in Roxaboxen?

  4. It's true, I am a terrible end-teller.