Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Just Plain Fancy

I've been trying to convince Chris to let us keep chickens in the backyard.  So far he's not interested.  We'll see, I'm going to work on him all summer!

Patricia Polacco 1990

This is a very cute story about two Amish sisters who find a special egg and hatch it with their chickens.  They are taught the Amish appreciation of being plain and simple so what hatches from their egg surprises and worries them!

"That egg was fancy inside and out, wasn't it?" said Naomi.  "Fancy.  That's just what we'll name this chick."

"You mean you aren't going to shun him?" Ruth asked.
"One can only be shunned for going against the ways of our people," Martha continued.  "This is no plain old chicken.  This be one of God's most beautiful creations.  He is fancy, child, and theat's the way of it."

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  1. I want to keep chickens so badly!!! Good luck persuading him!