Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Come On, Rain!

There was thunder last night but only a bit of rain.  The air and heat today just beg for a storm.  I almost feel like Tessie and calling out for the rain to come.  "Come on, rain!"

Karen Hesse 1999
illustrated by Jon J. Muth

I loved reading this aloud to Madeleine and Henry when they were little.  Perfect prose that describe the heat and humidity of a summer day in the city.  Tessie and her mother are waiting impatiently for the rain and when it does come they dance with their friends and neighbors,"tromping through puddles, romping and reeling in the moisty green air." 

Our barelegged mammas dance down the steps and join us in the fresh, clean rain...
...while the music from Miz Glick's phonograph shimmies and sparkles and streaks like night lightning.

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