Friday, April 12, 2019


Anais Mitchell's Hadestown has been on heavy rotation here.  I'm dying to go see the show in NYC!  It's a retelling of the myth of Orpheus and Eurydice with appearance by Hades and Persephone.  I am always stirred by Mitchell's music (oh, her voice!) and am intrigued by her treatment of this ancient story.

Sally Pomme Clayton
illustrated by Virginia Lee 2009

We have a fair collection of Greek and Roman myths- vintage versions, re imaginings, picture books, etc...  Madeleine studied Latin all through high school and is currently minoring in it and getting a teaching certificate for it at University.  I'd like to think it was all this early exposure that set her on her path :)

This straight forward retelling has quite lovely illustrations.  As a mother with daughters, I could completely imagine the grief and desperation of Demeter.  And anytime we buy and eat a pomegranate I always mention Persephone.

After reading this book one night to Charlotte, I showed her the achingly beautiful song by Martha Wainwright.  She sings of the Roman equivalent, Proserpina.  I heard Charlotte humming it all the next day.

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Come Play With Me

Come Play With Me
Margaret Hillert
illustrated by Kinuko Craft

This is an early easy reader, buy oh my what illustrations!  The rhymes aren't much, but the color drenched, swirling pictures are everything!  Craft is an amazing artist.  She's illustrated some other picture books and I recommend viewing her ridiculously beautiful and dreamy artwork.

Monday, April 1, 2019

Pip Camps Out

We've been having backyard fires and enjoying warmer spring weather (even if the trees are still brown and bare).  I'm already dreaming of summer and one of my favorite things... camping!  No need to load up the car and go for a drive.  The backyard can be the place to be.

Myra Berry Brown
pictures by Phyllis Graham 1966

Pip watches his sister leave for camp and decides that he too wants to sleep out under the stars.  His father considers it...

He looked at the sky turning into twilight.  He knew how good it felt to sleep under the stars.  He said, "There's going to be a beautiful moon tonight."

Out in the orchard Pip goes with his sleeping bag, flashlight, and compass (and some chocolate chip cookies).  He looks at the sky and hears all kinds of nighttime sounds.  But the best sound of all is his dad coming to join him and showing him the stars.  

(This is my very favorite page!)