Thursday, September 13, 2018

The Wind in the Willows

This was the summer of The Wind in the Willows.  Though it's a classic I confess I had never actually read it before, which is too bad because it's perfectly wonderful!  We had a second-hand hardback copy with less than interesting illustrations.  Though Grahame's writing is so lovely, we felt the pictures were lacking.  So I tracked down a version illustrated by David Petersen (we have a copy of one of his Mouse Guard comics).  When I saw the cover I knew this was the one for us!  (Rackham also did a version with delightful illustrations as well).  

Kenneth Grahame
illustrated by David Petersen 2016

How could you not love dreamy Ratty and timid Mole, the stern Badger and of course the irascible Toad.  The story meanders beautifully with Grahame's descriptions of the river and English countryside.  We found much of the dialog and hijinks of Toad are laugh out loud funny!    

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