Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Children of the Forest

Elsa Beskow 1987

 We recently added this to our Elsa Beskow collection, a sweet book about a forest family and their adventures throughout the year.  Charlotte was quite taken with the mushroom capped children.  They live under the curling roots of an old pine tree and spend their days at the pond or picking berries, or learning about mushrooms and going to school with wise Mrs. Owl.  On winter nights they would sit around the fire, listening to their father telling stories his father told him when he was a boy, about trolls and fairies, storms and strange cities from long ago.  When Spring comes round again Beskow leaves the reader with this:  "A new year was beginning in the forest and this is where we must leave the children.  But if you like, think about them and their forest friends, and that way, their story will never end."


  1. I was too afraid of the page you show in image #4 to read this book as a kid, haha. I liked Beskow's other books, though.

    1. Ha! I can see how that picture would be scary to a little one!

  2. One of my favorite books ever! I always feel like a winner when a favorite of mine is blogged about. :)