Friday, May 1, 2015

Homes and Habits of Wild Animals

Home and Habitats of Wild Animals
Karl Patterson Schmidt
illustrated by Walter Alois Weber 1934

Just look how beautiful this vintage book is!  If I had the heart to tear it up, I would take out and frame some of the pages.  (Which would look amazing decorating the walls of the rustic Adirondack summer house I imagine having some day!).  It's fun to read, even though it's pretty dated.

"Every country boy who has trapped muskrats to make a fur coat for his mother or to add to his spending money has learned a good deal about the furs with which animals are clothed."

The colors and large size make it a rather nice coffee table book too!

Should you journey to the great Rio Grande, whose name means "River Great" in Spanish, and hunt through the jungle-thick growth of mesquite and persimmon and cactus, you might find a track in soft ground that would be just like the track of a tabby cat in your backyard at home, but so immensely large that you would be much more likely to beat a retreat than to follow it up.

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