Friday, May 8, 2015

Hailstones and Halibut Bones

They make you feel
Every feeling there is
From the grumpiest grump
To the fizziest fizz.
And you and you and I 
Know well
Each has a taste 
And each has a smell
And each has a wonderful
Story to tell....

Hailstones and Halibut Bones
Mary O'Neil
illustrated by John Wallner 1989

Mary O'Neill has written a marvelous book about colors.  Each poem describes a color, weaving in all the senses in such clever and glorious ways.  We love reading this and talking about how the colors make us feel, or the things we think of when we think of a particular color.   Did O'Neil get her descriptions right?  

Gold is the sunshine 
Light and thin 
Warm as a muffin
 On your skin.

Brown is a freckle
Brown is a mole
Brown is the earth
When you dig a hole.
Brown is the hair 
On many a head
Brown is chocolate 
And gingerbread.
Brown is a feeling
You get inside
When wondering makes 
Your mind grow wide.
Brown is a leather shoe
And a good glove---
Brown is as comfortable
As love.

Orange is zip
Orange is dash
The brightest stripe
In a Roman sash.
Orange is an orange
Also a mango
Orange is music
Of the tango.
Orange is the fur
Of the fiery fox,
The brightest crayon
In the box.
And in the fall
When the leaves are turning
Orange is the smell
Of a bonfire burning...

Charlotte particularly agreed with this part from the Purple poem:
Purple's more popular 
Than you think...
It's sort of a great
Grandmother to pink.

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