Friday, March 6, 2015

The Big Snow

Winter isn't over until we've had our big snow.  This year it came in March.  School was off, snow and snowsuits were strew about just inside the front door, and the kids got in sledding and building snow forts.     This morning I filled our bird feeder out front, and sprinkled some seeds on the ground and I thought of this book Charlotte and I read the other night.

Berta and Elmer Hader 1948

A classic, it starts off describing the various animals of the forest and meadow and their plans for the winter.  Mrs. Chipmunk and the wood mouse are busy storing nuts and seeds.  The groundhog and skunk family are ready to sleep the winter away, while various birds decide to fly south.

One night wise owl sees a rainbow around the moon.  "A rainbow around the moon meant more snow.  MUCH MORE."   Two days later when the animals awake to a heavy blanket of snow, they go searching for food.  Thanks to the thoughtful old man and woman in the little stone house, seeds and breadcrumbs and hay and corn are set out for the animals so they won't go hungry. 

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