Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Winter Flower Fairies

December is over and the living room looks lonely and dark on these cold mornings without the Christmas tree lights.  Outside the earth may be brown and grey but Cicely Mary Barker had no doubt that fairies were about.  The sweet Snow-drop, the Spindle Berry, the teasing Burdock:

Wee little hooks on each brown little bur,
(Mind where you're going, O Madam and Sir!)
How they will cling to your skirt-hem and stocking!
Hear how the Burdock is laughing and mocking:
Try to get rid of me, try as you will,
Shake me and scold me, I'll stick to you still,
I'll stick to you still!

This little volume of Flower Fairies of the Winter has just the right pictures and words to brighten dull January's gaze.

Cicely Mary Barker 1985

Deep sleeps the Winter,
Cold, wet, and grey:
Surely all the world is dead;
Spring is far away.
Wait! the world shall waken;
It is not dead, for lo,
The Fair Maids of February
Stand in the snow!

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  1. Love the flower fairies. That snowdrop fairy was always a favorite of mine because it's my birthday flower.