Thursday, January 16, 2014


Sometimes we like to read about a little French mouse who is the official  cheese tester in M'sieu Duval's cheese factory...

Eve Titus
pictures by Paul Galdone 2010

 Anatole lives outside of Paris with his mouse family.  Secretly he becomes the cheese tester for M'sieu Duval (since, he reasons, mice are the best judges of cheese).  Every night he would taste the cheese and leave a note regarding it's quality.  In no time M'sieu Duval offers Anatole a job and he is happy to be an honorable "businessmouse".

There are other books about Anatole's adventures.  The second book we have, "Anatole and the Thirty Thieves" tells the story of Anatole and his partner Gaston thwarting a band of robbers who have stolen all the cheese from M'sieu Duval's factory.  Since his identity is still a secret and no one suspects that he is a mouse, Anatole is able to move undetected and discover the robbers' plot.

Eve Titus
pictures by Paul Galdone 1990

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