Monday, December 9, 2013

Christmas Trolls

Jan Brett 2000

Another fun book by Jan Brett with her Nordic illustrations.  Off in the woods a pair of trolls have been stealing Christmas decorations and presents.  They don't understand what Christmas means, so it's up to the little girl Treva to tell them and show them.  Like so many other Brett books an adorable hedgehog takes part!


  1. The earthy, ornate, woodsy details in her books are simply amazing.

  2. Thank you for sharing books this month. I saw a few days ago that you were listing some, and waited until a quiet moment to sit down and read your reviews. Tonight, after a long day, I've curled up with a clear glass mug of steaming hot chocolate (topped with marshmallows leftover from summer cookouts) and a plate of cookies, to enjoy what you've shared.

    I think Jan Brett's Twelve Days of Christmas is my all-time favorite of hers. This one is lovely, too.