Saturday, November 9, 2013

Herbert the Lion

Sometimes we find the best treasures at the thrift shop!  Let's face it, most thrift stores- especially the unorganized ones- have a lot of mediocre books to sift through.  Up on the display case, behind some vintage Sesame Street alphabet books and a bunch of cheap Barbie paperbacks, I spotted "Herbert".  Obviously a reprint from a 1931 original, the creamy yellow dust jacket and large over-sized shape looked brand new.

We've read it dozens of times since I brought it home 2 days ago!  The color palate is just yellow, white and that distinctive vintage blue/green that Martha Stewart has made so popular.  Clare Turylay Newberry (who has an award named after her) drew the most adorable lion and his Shirley Temple look alike owner/friend.    Needless to say I'm thrilled with this new find!

(Because of the size of the book I had to photograph it instead of scan it in, so the color quality isn't the best).

Clare Turlay Newberry 1998