Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The Day the Crayons Quit

Silly/funny books are always a big hit in my house (especially with Charlotte and Henry).  This one cracks us up.  All the crayons in the crayon box have written letters to Duncan, voicing their discontent.  Blue and Grey crayon are tired of coloring so much, Pink would like to be used more often for things like dinosaurs and cowboys, and Yellow and Orange are fighting over who should color the sun.  The funniest letter is from Peach crayon who has had his wrapper stripped off and doesn't appreciate being naked in the crayon box!  Oliver Jeffers' illustrations once again combine drawing and real life objects in a neat way.

Drew Daywalt
illustrated by Oliver Jeffers 2013

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  1. Bought this book after reading review on NY Times best seller's list and was very pleased! A cute story and gives me a chance to talk about colors with my son! We ready it multiple times a day!