Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Tales of the Elves

Margaux brought this back for us from one of her trips to Iceland.  Madeleine and I love folk/fairy tales and now it's Charlotte's turn!  She thoroughly enjoyed reading this with me at bedtime (it took a couple days).  And she really loved the pictures (they are quite remarkable!).  I was surprised there weren't more troll stories since those creatures inhabit Scandinavian tales pretty heavily and I thought there might be some similarities.  The story of "Queen Bothildur" was my favorite- mostly because I liked pronouncing the Icelandic names.

Tales of the Elves
Icelandic Folktales for Children
Adapted by Anna Kristin Asbjornsdottir 2008
illustrated by Florence Helga Thibault 

(LOVE this drawing!)

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  1. Hi Katie, my name is Marco, I've bought this book in Iceland this summer for my daughter, even if it's written in german, because the drawings are beautiful. Now I'm trying to understand what these stories are about, but it's very difficult to find something. I've seen that you have "scanned" some of the pages of this book and I've seen it's in english ... maybe I'm asking to much, but do you think it can be possible for you to scan for me the few written pages left?
    Thank you very much, in any case...
    Have a nice day