Friday, September 27, 2013

Rabbits' Search for a Little House

The mornings have been colder and darker but the sun is like a golden gleam and the air makes your lungs sing!  This is the season I love the most!

I must have read this book as an elementary student because the pictures and story looked awfully familiar.  Especially the cozy house at the end.  And anyone that knows me knows that I have a 'thing' for cozy houses.

Mary DeBall Kwitz
pictures by Lorinda Cauley 1977

Rabbit and her child are searching for a new home before the start of winter.  Unfortunately the cute mushroom house has already been sold to Toad, the Hotel Mole Hole has no vacancy, and mean Shrew is prejudiced against rabbits.  No matter, the rabbits are resourceful and make their own snug home.

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