Monday, April 22, 2013

The Hidden Bestiary

Judy Young
illustrated by Laura Francesca Filippucci 2009

In keeping with a hidden animal theme, here's another square book (making scanning for this blog tricky) that has great illustrations.  A 19th century explorer has discovered a broken case and something missing at the "Finchhaven Museum of Extraordinary Curiosities, Oddities and Improbabilities".  It's up to you to help find the hidden clues in the pictures from his travels around the world.  As he tracks down the animals on his list you must determine "Is it alive?  Is it extinct?  Did it ever exist?"

I love that this museum picture looks like The Wagner Institute!

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  1. Judy Young came to speak at my daughter's school, and she was absolutely wonderful. My daughter received a poetry book of hers that is amazing. Great book:).