Sunday, April 14, 2013

Flora's Feast A Festival of Flowers

It feels like just over-night blossoms have appeared.  Our fragrant hyacinths are up and so are great clusters of happy yellow daffodils.  It's definitely Spring, Spring, Spring!

Walter Crane (first published in 1889)

I thought I had lost this book for a while (apparently it was only misplaced on our bookshelves).  Walter Crane's artwork is tremendous of course.  Each flower is represented in fairy form and dress and you just want to gaze at the pictures.  Flora calls the flowers forth and first to come are the snowdrops.  All through the summer the flowers are arrayed, finally ending with the Autumn blooming mums and the Christmas Rose.  I've included the illustrations of the flowers that we have in our own garden.







(also known as a Hellebore)

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