Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Country Bunny and the Little Gold Shoes

I picked Charlotte up from school yesterday where she had her Easter party and came home wearing handmade paper bunny ears.  I love when the pre-schoolers are sent home wearing things on their heads- it's so cute!  We picked up our free Rita's water-ice (even though it was freezing out) and came home for a nap.  Charlotte put down her bunny ears and picked up this book and nap time was even better.

Du Bose Heyward
pictures by Marjorie Flack 1939

What I really love about this story is that the heroine is a little country bunny momma.  When she was a little girl she wanted to be one of the handpicked Easter Bunnies, who are quick and clever.  She grows up and before she knows it has 21 baby bunnies! 

And by and by she had a husband and then one day, much to her surprise there were twenty-one Cottontail babies to take care of.

She gives them all jobs to do and teaches them to take care of the house.  Then old Grandfather bunny sees how clever and brave and fast she is and gives her the most important Easter Bunny job of all.

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  1. i have this lovely book too. what i especially do like about this pictures are the soft colors. and the little bunnys are so cute, my daughter loved it!