Saturday, March 23, 2013

Everthing About Easter Rabbits

Charlotte and I laughed out loud at this book.  We first read it months ago, but I think we're due for another read.

Wiltrude Roser 1972
translated by Eva L. Mayer

It's all about the hard working Easter Bunnies and how they must work in school (they even get homework!) and gather the eggs carefully from the hens.  The pictures are pretty funny (I loved the sly reference to "Slovenly Peter") and I like the combination of text with handwriting.


  1. This looks ENCHANTING! What a cute find! Oh pickle I wonder if my library 1) has it and 2) could get it before Easter? well, even if they can't it would be fun to read it at this time of year, before or after Easter!

  2. So very cool:). BTW Just wanted to let you know I nominated you for a Liebster Award:). Don't feel obligated to do it, but hopefully it will send some new traffic your way:). Let me know if you do post; I'd love to read your answers:)!! Alice @ The Owl's Skull