Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Shadow Castle

Marian Cockrell 1945

Our latest chapter book.  I looked forward to reading this as much as Charlotte did!  There's sparse pictures and Charlotte had to keep looking back at the ones with Princess Gloria and Bluebell.  It's a neat story that I had never heard of before and just happened upon at the thrift store.   It makes you wonder how many other countless children's books have been overlooked and forgotten through the years.

Lucy wanders into an enchanted forest alone one day. She meets a mysterious man who shows her to a castle tower room where the magical air is filled with shadows.  He then tells her the story of a family of fairies.  There's Mika, a fairy prince who falls in love with the beautiful mortal, Gloria.  Their wedding sets the stage for a 1000 year enchantment that has a beautiful ending.  We read about a fairy godmother named Flumpdoria and a kindly dragon.  One story has evil goblins who try to trick the young prince Robin and another tells of his sister Meira who must decide which world she wants to belong to, the magical world of fairies or mortals.

This is definitely a book worth tracking down, especially if you (like us) like to fill your sleepy bedtime moments with fairy tales and fantasy.


  1. I will be in search of this at our local used book store. I love the pictures.

  2. How old is Charlotte? My daughter is turning 7, do you think she's too young for this?

  3. Charlotte is 4 and she really liked this book. (My kids are used to being read chapter books pretty young). I think your daughter is at a perfect age for it.