Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Be Blest

We all slept in yesterday morning.  Then when Charlotte came downstairs, all sleepy-eyed and asking if it was "New Years", we snuggled up with this book.  It was a nice way to start off 2013.

A beautiful "celebration of seasons" through animal paintings and prayer-like words.  Inspired by Saint Francis' "Canticle of the Sun", Mary Beth Owens draws forth blessings, praise, rejoicing, and thanksgiving, as the seasons circle round.

Mary Beth Owens 1999


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  1. I Loooooove this! So beautiful! I have gotten us SO many books from the library based on your recommendations! We loved "Press Here" (they made me renew it as many times as possible) and I picked up "Itsy Mitsy" today. I am long overdue to write to you- I will try to get a letter out very, very soon! Hugs!