Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Christina Katerina and the Box

Seeing a picture of Margaux's boys hiding in a box reminded me of this book.

Patricia Lee Gauch
illustrated by Doris Burn 1998

Christina Katerina loves boxes. When they get a new refrigerator, the box, sitting out under the apple tree, becomes Christina's castle. Her imagination knows no boundaries as the box gradually falls apart (and her mother is looking forward to getting rid of it). With her "sometimes friend" Fats, they turn the box into all sorts of things.

We've had a fair share of great boxes over the years- the best ones being our dryer box and our neighbor's refrigerator box. They've become houses, bear caves, forts, doll mansions, etc... When Charlotte was a baby we had a box (I forget where it even came from) and Madeleine and Henry decorated the inside with drawn on furniture for her. It's really true about the simplest things being the best toys.

Christina Katerina liked things:
tin cups and old dresses,
worn-out ties and empty boxes.
Any of those things, but mostly boxes.
Hat boxes,
bakery boxes with see-through lids,
shoe boxes.

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