Monday, July 2, 2012

Squids Will Be Squids

Jon Scieszka has the same sense of humor as my son.  This book is a funny sendup of Aesop's fables.  The stories and the characters and especially the morals are ridiculous.

Jon Scieszka
pictures by Lane Smith 2000

 Take the title fable- Deer, Mouse and Rabbit all want to do something, go to the movies, shopping, play frisbee.  But at every suggestion Squid just complains. Finally she walks off alone and the moral of the story is "Squids will be Squids". I don't love the illustrations (I think they're kind of grotesque) but I do get a big kick out of the writing and the overall style of the book with different fonts and pictures.

"Frog's New Shoes" is one of my favorites.

"Straw and Matches" is a funny one too.

BeefSnakStik is one of the characters!

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