Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Ark of Father Noah and Mother Noah

We are insanely busy this week with our church's summer camp, but having such a ball with it.  A couple weeks ago my husband and I had a chance to go to the movies (a rare treat indeed!) and we saw the new Wes Anderson movie "Moonrise Kingdom".  The story was cute and the colors were beautiful- if you like Wes Anderson films then you'll love this one.  A recurrent theme in the plot is a flood and there's even a church performance of the story of Noah's Ark.

Maud and Miska Petersham 1930

Here's a decidedly unbiblical version (it's explained that Noah built the door too small and all the big dinosaurs and mammoths had to be left behind) fantastically illustrated by the Petershams.


  1. Love it! Amazing colors, and in very good condition (as it appears) to be from the 30's!

  2. I love this! Was trying to remember the dinosaur illustrations/plot twist, and here you posted it. thank you!