Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Usborne Puzzle Books

This is why books are my friends- there's no technical difficulties that can prevent you from enjoying a book.  Two weeks ago my computer died.  I'm still hoping the things on my hard drive (family photos, collections of vintage images, etc...) can be saved.  It's been a bit freeing to not have my computer at my elbow all the time.  And I've been plenty busy with other things, but it's frustrating when I want to list something on Etsy or update my blog.  I've been using my son's computer but he doesn't have Photoshop so I'm not able to scan book pages. 

My birthday is next month so I've "hinted" to my husband that a new computer would be nice.  For now I guess I'll just have to make do.

After Charlotte's birthday party a few weeks ago she got hooked on the Usborne Puzzle Books.  I had collected these for Madeleine and Henry and when they were little we spent many hours reading them and solving the puzzles.  Charlotte is 4 and they're perfect for her.  The mazes (which she loves to do with her finger) are not too hard and there's hidden objects on every page which she likes to find all by herself.  Now with no computer to distract me, we've been spending time every day reading them.

These are the ones from our shelf:

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