Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Moon's Revenge

We missed the perigee moon.  It was so cloudy on Saturday night that even the largest moon rising couldn't be seen from our yard.  We managed to spot a smaller waning version the next night, still looking almost full to us.

Joan Aiken
illustrated by Alan Lee 1988

I remembered this story of a cranky and angry moon who has to give a boy a wish but makes him pay for it.  Seppy throws his shoes at the moon but when the moon finally comes down with his face all dented and bruised, he is told that until all the shoes are back in the grandfather clock (where they were stored) his little sister won't talk or make a sound.

As the years pass, Seppy plays his fiddle and nurtures a sweet relationship with his silent sister. Then comes the day that he saves his seaside town from a sea monster and his sister's first words are spoken.

Joan Aiken is a wonderful storyteller. Though we've loved her novels, this is our first picture book of hers, and the pictures by Alan Lee are quite beautiful.

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