Wednesday, April 18, 2012

What is a Whispery Secret?

While yesterday was warm and teeming with bright-eyed, optimistic sunshine, today has turned out to be grey and chilly.  Though it's good tea drinking weather (and for snuggling under the blanket on the couch), all day I've been trying to pull myself out of a weather-induced funk with coffee and list making.  Finally I gave up being productive at all today, put on a sweater and took a nap with Charlotte on the sofa.  Before she fell asleep we read through a pile of books, this being the best one for nap-time:

Lois Hobart
pictures by Martha Alexander 1968

Soft, slow, lyrical prose that meanders through a little girl explaining to her brother what whispering and secrets are.

Have you ever seen a mare look around and nuzzle her colt?
She's telling a whispery secret.

Charlotte and I each had a "whispery secret" for each other at the end.

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