Friday, April 27, 2012

Marguerite, Go Wash Your Feet

A book of funny little rhymes and Wallace Tripp's clever pictures.  We were so amused we had to read it all in one sitting!

Wallace Tripp 1985

Marguerite, go wash your feet,
the Board of Health's across the street.

This one is my favorite.


  1. I found this book in the bargain bin at Kroch and Brentano in downtown Chicago in the late 1980s, and read and reread the book to my three children (who are now all adults). I think my favorite illustration from the book is "I'm Nobody! Who are You?" that features all sorts of somebodies, including The Yellow Kid comic strip character, whose yellow shirt reads "You and me is the best drawed ones of all." Or is that in "A Great Big Ugly Man Came Up and Tied His Horse to Me?"