Monday, February 27, 2012

Grandpa Green

My father-in-law recently passed on a bunch of family pictures that had been saved on a CD.  So I spent an afternoon scrolling through them and watching the history of my husband's family unfold.  There was his great grandmother as a young woman at the turn of the century, his 95 year old grandma as a plump baby.  The pictures changed from black and white to the washed out colors of the 50's and 60's.  I watched as toddlers grew to adolescents and long-limbed gawky teenagers became brides and grooms.  Then my husband and his brother appeared as bowl-haired towheads, and my mother-in law was so young and pretty. 

The family business celebrated 50 years, there were grandchildren, then great-grandchildren, and faces who disappeared from the pictures all together.  Eventually my skinny 20 year old self appeared with baby Madeleine next to that young blue-eyed man I fell in love with.  I could look at these pictures a dozen times a day and lose myself in the stories and nostalgia, the history of a family that I am now a part of and that my children are tied to.  I can't help but think of our own family photographs- Disney World, birthday parties, camping trips, that will continue this line of snapshots for the children's children and so on and so on...

Jane Smith 2011
In Grandpa Green a young boy relates the memories his grandfather tells him.  The images are cleverly related in the topiary.  It's one of those books (like Someday and Roxaboxen) that clutch my heart.

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